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KICS’ office hours are from 7.30 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday, during which you will be able to obtain information regarding the school. ☎+62-542-5600728.


Please contact our office prior to your visit and follow the proper procedure.

Your child must have an interview with the principal first. If your child will be entering a kindergarten class, they will not have major problems in following the lessons. However, if your child will be entering Elementary or Junior high school, they should pass the test first, and they are strongly recommended to take the Extracurricular class after school.

You will need to submit your child’s birth certificate, 2 photos, a completed application form, and registration fee.

 Yes, each student has to bring their own snack. Fruits and vegetables and drinks are recommended as snacks. Snacks like candy, cookies, chocolate or other sweets are not allowed to be brought to school. Elementary or Junior high students also need to bring their own lunch and drink. Please prepare fresh and healthy food to keep your child healthy and to help them grow well. In the school, we have a  cafeteria to buy the lunch and snacks as well.  Elementary and JH students should bring their own toothbrush and toothpaste to brush their teeth after lunch everyday.

 Yes. We have a school bus. If you need transportation, please contact the school office.

 Each Kindergarten Class is limited to 12 students and around 8-15 students for each elementary and Junior high class. 

As long as the parents and students agree with the school policies and join all the activities, it does not matter. We surely welcome all students from all different religious backgrounds.

KiCS does not have specific church background and we have a interdenominational chapel.