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A. Events out of School

*KiCS Competitions and Bazar

-Photo Contest 

-Drawing Contest

-Fashion show

-Spelling Bee 

-English Quiz

-Cerdas cermat 


*Easter Concert


*Graduation and Award Ceremony

B. Special Events at the School

*Christmas Celebration

*Science Fair(K4-G9)

*Home Concert(Pg-G9) 

*Math Olympics(K4-G9)

*Puzzle Contest(Pg-K5) 

*Health Check-up(Every semester)

*Reading contest(Every month) 

*Writing contest(Every month)

*Bible Reading Contest(Every Semester)

*Cleanliness Competition(Every semester) 

*Planting day(G1) 

*Family day, Sports day


*Sex Education(Every semester)

*Vocation Practice(G7-9)

C. Field Studies

*Visiting Public Institutions(PG-G9)

*Indoor Playground(PG-K5)

*Swimming Pool(PG-K5)

*Futsal Competition(K4-G6)

*Basketball competitions(G7-G9)

*Visiting Friend’s House(PG-K5)

*Piggy Bank Sharing(PG-G9)


*Graduation Trip(G6, G9)

*Extension Ministries(G7-9)